Home adaptations


Architects & Engineers

Assistance in the search of new houses or adapted housing

Financial valuation of housing and property

Topography & Pricing

New, small and big constructions


Looking for a new home? We assist you in your search to find your ideal home and make sure you pay a  correct price for it.

Found the house of your dreams, but the kitchen or bathroom could use an update? We will provide you with a top professional for the job, so you can equip your dream house with the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.

Planning a remodelling of your home, but would like some useful advice before you start. For example about optimal energy usage, safety or accessibility? We will have your home screened and connect you with the most appropriate professionals to make the necessary changes in your home, to help you, advise, at competitive prices, with the utmost rigor, speed and seriousness in their work.


Nursing at home and general care

Assistance and advocacy in case of hospitalisation and after-care when returning home

Mediation in case of hospitalisation, short stay in a revalidation centre or care

24/7 assistance with personal security device (fixed or mobile)

Screening and analysis of the current medical situation and the general caregiving – follow-up

Pharmacy deliveries

Cleaning people, changing bandages, taking vital signs, taking medication

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Assistant (walks, reading)

Daily & specific services


So you´ve made the decision and relocated to Spain but your caretaker stayed behind? We arrange an adequate replacement who speaks a language you understand.

You are in need of a surgical procedure? How does this work in Spain? In which hospital will you find the specialisation with the best care? We know…and let you know!

You need to revalidate after a surgical procedure or an accident and are looking for are looking for a friendly, cozy temporary home? We’ll show you the way and make sure you’re never alone in the process.


Activities, interests, motivation, workshops, stimulation of social life


Online and offline communities (online neighbours)

Voluntary work

Well-being services (spa, beauty centres)

Personal care (manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, personal trainer)

Gyms at the best rates and nearby you


Who informs you about relevant news in your new area? What can you find where? Which activities and events take place in your neighbourhood? You read it in our info news.

Now that you´ve settled in your new home it’s time to get to know the neighbours. Through an online and offline community we put you in contact with likeminded people in a similar situation around you.

Searching for a new hobby or activity? We regularly organise workshops and info sessions…tailored for you.


Support & repairs
(painting - construction - electricity/electrical works - plumbing - carpentry - garden maintenance - cleaning)

Support (SOS service)

Shopping service & delivery

Home catering and delivery of cold/warm meals, Catering, dinner, meals for 4 people or big events

Waiters, chef or ham cutter

Taxi services or specialised (care) transportation

Pets services (hotel for dogs & cats with full boards, vet 24 hours)


You need a plumber for a clogged toilet? We make sure a qualified plumber knocks on your door as soon as possible!

Is it about time to repaint the walls of your apartment or house and give it a fresh new look? Simply give your PAM a call and you’ll have an appointment at your home within no time.

No time to shop for groceries? Or would you like to receive a cold or hot meal delivered to your home? Your PAM is awaiting your call.


Grants and financial help

Succession planning

Care planning assistance in issues with banks and financial institutions. Insurance support (house, car, life, medical,…)

Notarial assistance

Legal assistance (Civil, commercial, labor, administrative, criminal, foreigner law services, legal representation)

General assistance with administration (taxes, paperwork,…)

Contracts and legal documents, prosecution of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings


New in town, and have to fulfill a load of administrative obligations? Qualivir guides you through the administrative jungle in a language you understand.

Did you receive your first Spanish tax return? How to even start filling it out? Asks us and we’ll get you started the right way.

Moving to a new house means also you’ll need new insurance policies. Who offers which policy? What are the going rates? Qualivir clarifies what it is you really need and where you can find the best service at the best prices. Life ending and you have a lot of questions and issues. We have specialists and they can answer all your questions.