A Quality Life For Life

What our members say…

“Finding the right balance between my work, household, family and friends is a daily challenge. Qualivir gave me the opportunity to find that balance.”
Marijke Gelders
“Our dream of living & enjoying our old days in the sun on the coast was made possible with the countless things Qualivir helped us with. Not speaking Spanish or knowing who to turn to was what initially held us back but glad that has all been sorted. Thank you guys!”
Louis Ventreux
“Simply knowing I’m not alone here and being able to speak with someone who helps me each time: priceless! I can’t see what I’d do without you…really. Expect my call again soon! ♡”
Marta Lejeune

How Qualivir helps you maintain a quality of life…

Qualivir will assist you in every possible way with a wide range of services.

We help you maintain a comfortable and careless lifestyle in your private home.

We assign you a personal manager, who is the contact person for all your needs and day-to-day issues. He or she takes care of you!

We offer you a real and active partnership.

Your quality of life is our highest concern.

Starting from only 2€ per day, you have the full access to a wide range of services provided by our network of specialists and experts.

Are you too occupied or no longer capable to take care of your day-to-day household issues?

You don’t want or can no longer take care of them?

Let Qualivir support you: your personal manager is at your service and takes care of you!


A knowledgeable advisor who arranges everything in the manner you prefer.

You can always count on someone who knows exactly what you need. A question, desire, or urgent matter? A simple phone call to your personal manager at Qualivir is all it takes.

Age is of no importance and we’ll assist you in a language you understand; our sole goal is to satisfy your needs.

You’re only a phone call away from your manager and all the services you need.

  • Access to a wide range of high quality services
  • Clear and correct fees adapted to your needs
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to your Personal Assigned Manager
  • We speak a language you understand
  • From only 2€ per day!