Ageing is a general issue in Europe and according to the latest population census, Spain is head runner for this category that defines a general trend. Following the baby-boomers generation, Spain now counts 17% of its total population older than 65 years. This number is not only steadily growing; there’s a new phenomenon where Spain sees a steep increase of what is called the “ageing of ageing” which is the increase of people exceeding 80 years of age.

There are various factors that are responsible for this growth and making Spain the leader at ageing in Europe. Quality of life, improvement of medical care, and of course Spain being favourite destination for retirees from all over the world and in particular northern European countries.

census spain ageingBeing a “winner” means also that the Spanish government has the most social responsibility to find solutions on how to cope with this age category who generally is more needing and requires special attention and help. Their classic system comes way short and the government is well aware of it seeking alternative solutions, encouraging new initiatives to be born and implemented. Yet it remains to be seen whether they will put money to their mouth as with the recent crisis Spain isn’t in the best position to give financial incentives to those organisations taking the initiative to find durable solutions.

Ageing in Europe